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CodeChef is a community of competitive programmers organically developed over more than a decade. By collaborating with us, businesses can get the best programming talent in their recruitment pipeline who are passionate about solving problems using code.

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Benefits of sourcing talent from CodeChef

Exceptionally Good Interview to Hire Ratio

Our community has its forte in Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA). CodeChef is an ideal choice for sourcing programming talent with excellent problem-solving skills.

Objective assessments at the highest standards with minimal efforts

Problem-solving abilities of our programmers are objectively assessed through high-quality programming competitions. Recruiting teams save their time in ensuring good quality coding assessments and leverage deeper insights available via a programmer’s profile on CodeChef.

Employer Branding among the best programmers

India’s best programmers compete with the world’s bests on CodeChef. Hiring from CodeChef demonstrates your organization’s appetite for strong programming talent, and CodeChef’s goodwill gets extended to your employer-brand simultaenously.

Our Community
Work Experience of CodeCheffers Work Experience of CodeCheffers
  • Top Languages Used by the community C, C++, Java, Python
  • Our community members include Winners and World Finalists of ACM ICPC, SnackDown, Topcoder Open Google CodeJam, Facebook HackerCup
Sourcing channels on CodeChef

Monthly Coding Contests

  • India’s best programmers compete with the world’s bests in our monthly contests.
  • Post your job openings directly on the monthly contests’ landing pages. Share your work with the community and conveniently screen the interested candidates at the same time using their performance in our contests and their CodeChef ratings.

Exclusive Hiring Challenges

  • Conduct your own programming challenge on CodeChef. Get tremendous employer branding and high-quality talent sourcing for your hiring needs.

CodeChef DSA Certified Pool of Programmers

  • This is a pool of candidates pre-assessed in Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Currently, we have 1800+ certified programmers, across Foundation, Advanced and Expert levels.
  • The pool has programmers with 0-15 years of work experience. However, this option is highly recommended for hiring interns or programmers with 0-3 years of work experience from India.

Testimonial about our community

We have a high bar for hiring candidates. CodeChef helped us hire the kind of candidates we would have wanted. I think the conversion through CodeChef was at least 10x better than all the other platforms that we tried.”

- CEO, ShareChat

Through CodeChef, I was able to find a student who not only had the right interests and skills but was also a stronger candidate than the others I had found.”

- Professor, IIT Madras

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