Learning and Development

Remotely upskill and engage the programmers in your organization through one of the world’s largest educational platforms for programmers.

Benefits of collaborating with CodeChef for Learning and Development
  • We have fostered the learning of millions of programmers through gamification.
  • Our team of experts include winners and world finalists at global competitions like ICPC and IOI.
  • Collaborating with CodeChef for your learning initiatives ensures quality and builds your reputation as a strong technology company.
  • As an employer, you get to know about the hidden programming gems in your organization.
  • It’s completely online. You can engage your new hires and upskill them before they join your offices.

Ways of Upskilling your programmers with CodeChef

Internal Sport Programming Challenges

  • Present exciting programming questions that challenge the programmers to compete and prove their problem solving abilities using code.
  • Enable real-time leaderboards and team participation to make the programming contests engaging for your employees.
  • Get reports and recommendations to foster your employers in the best way possible.

Online Remote Hackathons

  • Encourage team bonding and make your programmers solve some engineering problems beyond their routine work, as a fun activity.
  • Promote cross-functional team bonding activities and get recommendations from CodeChef about the best practices.

Monthly Contests and CodeChef DSA Certification

  • CodeChef hosts three monthly contests on Data Structures and Algorithms where the world’s best programmers compete to prove their mettle in problem solving.
  • These contests have the highest industry standard, and various reputed universities offer grades to their students based on their performance in our monthly contests.
  • We can help you with tools through which you can track the growth of your employees in our monthly contests over time.
  • Programmers can also learn from our open education library in CodeChef DSA Certification’s Prepare section, and participate in our Discussion Forum to get their doubts cleared by the top-programmers in our community.

Handcrafted Employee Upskilling and Training program on Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Our expert trainers on Data Structures & Algorithms have immense experience conducting online & offline training workshops for developers.
  • Reach out to us with your training requirements along with the details of your developers, and we will customize a DSA training programme to upskill your team.
  • Training curriculum will be handcrafted based on the experience and role-based needs of the participants.

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