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Attract 1.5 million+ problem solvers to develop intelligent products on your problem statements and help you get a competitive edge through innovation.

Benefits of innovating in collaboration with CodeChef
  • Connect with a global community of student and professional developers.
  • CodeChef’s community members are impacting 25000+ professional organizations.
  • Share your engineering problems and innovate at scale.
  • Harness the power of a strongly engaged online community during the pandemic to conduct remote hackathons.
  • Get branding and goodwill for your projects among the world’s best programmers.
Innovating through Online Remote Hackathons
  • Host a hackathon on CodeChef and invite the large community of actively engaged programmers on its platform.
  • Educate programmers around your product to aid them in ideation and development.
  • Get consultation from CodeChef’s team about the best practices.
  • Get exclusive discussion forums and nurture an online community of programmers interested in your work.
  • Get platform support for communications, project submissions and evaluation.
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