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Crowdsource ideas and talent, and upskill your teams with one of the world’s most competitive developer communities.

The CodeChef Advantage
  • Hundreds of thousands of the world's best programmers actively participate in CodeChef’s contests. One of the world’s biggest programming competitions - SnackDown, is conducted by CodeChef.
  • Various prestigious competitions happen on CodeChef, and several reputed universities offer grades to their students based on their performance in CodeChef’s contests.
  • You can recruit the best programmers with minimal efforts from CodeChef’s pool of pre-assessed programmers or conduct your own remote assessments with our robust tools.
  • You can share your SDKs, APIs and engineering problems and get brilliant solutions built on top of them by a global community of programmers from 180+ countries.
  • You can get brand awareness among the best programmers, and position yourself as a very strong technology-driven company.
  • Our learning and contest teams include winners and world finalists of prestigious competitions like ICPC and IOI. We can help you in adopting best practices for developing the fundamentals and problem-solving acumen of the programmers at your organization.
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Crowdsourcing engineering solutions

You can conduct hackathons on CodeChef and present your APIs, SDKs and problem statements to the community. Furthermore, impactful solutions developed from the exercise can be used for your products or be marketed for brand awareness.

Sourcing Programming Talent

You can attract and source the best programmers from CodeChef’s monthly challenges or its pool of DSA certified programmers. Alternatively, you can conduct your own hiring challenge and open it to the entire CodeChef community.

Remotely Assessing Programmers for Hiring and Upskilling

CodeChef offers a repository of best quality programming questions and a robust coding assessment platform that can be used to remotely test the programmers for hiring and employee engagement purposes.

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