L&D and Employee Engagement

We’ve engaged and upskilled programmers from 180+ countries for 11 years. We can help programmers at your organization too. Leverage our expertise. Get started with Remote employee engagements.

CodeChef’s expertise in engaging and upskilling programmers
  • We have gamified the learning experience of millions of programmers to engage them in problem-solving activities.
  • Our Contest and Learning teams include winners and world finalists of prestigious competitions like ICPC and IOI.
  • We upskill our teams on pedagogy to deliver the best training experience.

Ways of engaging your programmers with CodeChef

CodeChef’s Coding Assessment Platform

  • CodeChef’s online coding platform supports 50+ languages and is extremely scalable (100 M+ code submissions).
  • Several features such as language restriction, online IDE, uptime leaderboard etc are available.
  • Challenges on SQL and Debugging can also be hosted
  • Programmers can participate as an individual contributor as well as well as in teams. Either of the two promote friendly competition among employees and their employers get an opportunity to identify the hidden talents.
  • CodeChef’s team can also provide consultation around the best practices based on your needs.

Hackathon Platform

  • Remotely conduct internal hackathons for your teams to encourage team bonding and encourage them to solve problems.
  • Many universities and corporations conduct hackathons on CodeChef.
  • Online discussion forums can be provided for seamless interaction among the participating teams and the organizers.
  • Platform for evaluation and leaderboards can be made available to the organizers.

Monthly Contests and CodeChef DSA Certification

  • CodeChef hosts three featured contests on Data Structures and Algorithms. India's best programmers compete with the world’s best programmers in our monthly competitions.
  • By collaborating with CodeChef, you get help in accessing tools through which you can monitor the performance growth of your employees over time.
  • Programmers can learn from CodeChef DSA Certification’s Prepare section, and participate in our Discussion Forum

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