Developer Relations

Showcase your work to millions of coders on CodeChef and build large online communities who are interested to engage further with your business.

Benefits of fostering relations with CodeChef’s community
  • Our forte is in online developer communities. Every month hundreds of thousands of student and professional developers code on CodeChef.
  • More than 25,000 companies are being impacted by our community members
  • We have more than 350+ campus chapters in Indian universities
  • We have helped multiple Fortune 500 technology giants in connecting and building relationships with the developers from our community.
  • Leverage CodeChef’s goodwill and community built over the past 11 years.
  • Educate the community around your products, and drive product adoption for your business.
Ways of building Developer Relations with CodeChef
  • Showcase your work to millions of programmers.
  • Get product adoption at scale by conducting hackathons on CodeChef.
  • Conduct webinars for the community to educate them around your product.
  • Build goodwill and get viral marketing by running initiatives for the community on CodeChef.
  • Get massive brand awareness by collaborating with our contests or conducting your programming contests.
  • Get your leaders featured in ‘Conversations with CodeChef’ - a series of AMA sessions watched by thousands of developers.

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