Candidate Screening

Objectively identify the best programming talent. Remotely assess maximum programmers in real-time through automated coding assessments on CodeChef.

Benefits of assessing programmers with CodeChef
  • Engineering platform with extreme scalability for coding assessments - 100 Million+ Code Submissions to date
  • Backed by Advanced Plagiarism Detection and AI-based proctoring tools
  • Automated assessments can be done with minimum infrastructural requirements.
  • Empowered with an online IDE that supports over 50 programming languages.
  • 24 x 7 Support via Call, Email and Chat.
Ways of assessing programmers with CodeChef

Coding Assessment Platform

  • Save time in the initial rounds of screening and remotely test more programmers, objectively based on their ability to code.
  • The platform has the following features -
    • Robust online judge backed with remarkably consistent execution runtime
    • Online IDE that supports 50+ Programming Languages
    • Customized landing page for employer branding
    • Plagiarism detection along with an option of Ai-based proctoring
    • Moderation of comments during the contests

Exclusive Hiring Challenges on CodeChef

  • Host a contest on CodeChef open it to the community on CodeChef.
  • Create brand awareness and tap in thousands of high-quality applicants at once.
Case Studies, a leading ad-tech company remotely assessed 100k+ programmers and hired 4000 engineers using CodeChef’s platform. Connect with us to know the best ways of scaling your talent pipeline using powerful remote assessment platforms.

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