CodeChef's Monthly Contests

CodeChef’s monthly contests have built their reputation over 11 years. These contests are level-playing ground for the world’s best programmers to compete purely based on their ability to code and solve complex problems. Programmers build their ratings and world rank on CodeChef by performing in these contests consistently.

Organisations that have an appetite for growth by drawing the eyeballs of the world’s best programmers at scale have every reason to sponsor our monthly contests.

Brief Statistics

Short Challenges [Bi-Monthly]
2-3 hours Duration
~ 12K Average Contest Visitors
~ 50K Code Submissions
Long Challenges [Once in a Month]
10 Days Duration
~ 45K Average Contest Visitors
~ 450K Code Submissions

Key Features

Recruit from the best pool of programmers

It takes persistence and hunger for excellence to compete on CodeChef regularly. It’s not only about the reach of your job posting or branding campaigns but also about the people they target. Quickly connect with the right people through CodeChef.

Build reputation and goodwill

Several universities offer grades or admissions to their Master’s programs for their performance in CodeChef’s contests. Entrepreneurs, technology leaders, and developers from industry and academia create a name for themselves through our contests. Sponsoring our contest not only gives you brand awareness, but it also positions you as a solid technology company.

Leverage our contests' quality

Our questions and their problem setters are some of the world's best competitive programmers.

Get deeper insights

Shortlist programmers via their rankings in the monthly contests and their overall CodeChef ratings, in a very short period.

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