Exclusive Hiring Challenges

CodeChef has fostered and built its community of millions of programmers from 180+ countries, through 3800+ programming challenges and various other community initiatives. Organizations can host their own programming contest on CodeChef for hiring or branding and open it to the entire CodeChef community.

Key Features of CodeChef Hiring Challenges

Assessment and Branding at Scale

Host your own coding challenge for hiring top-notch talent and employer branding among millions of programmers.

Noise-filtering tools backed by Advanced Plagiarism Detection

Only connect with the programmers who ace your coding challenge and get access to the plagiarism report and participants insights.

Save time and costs

Engineering managers and recruiters can significantly save their time in sourcing and hiring the best programmers and leverage the economies of scale involved.

Case Studies

Samsung Research Institute is known for its appetite for top-notch programming talent with exemplary problem solving skills. See how they scaled their recruitment process for experienced programmers via Open Coding Challenges.

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