Coding Assessment Platform

CodeChef offers an extremely scalable coding assessment platform that helps in remotely conducting technical assessments to recruit talent for your teams or engage them via gamified contests.

Brief Statistics

Code Submissions
Developers Assessed
55 +
Programming Languages


Ideal for Remote Engagements

  • Completely automated tool backed by advanced plagiarism detection.
  • Automated AI-based proctoring tools for identity verification, exam behaviour recording and analysis.
  • Can restrict participation to only to a group of programmers

Access to high-quality programming problems

Our problem setters are some of the world's best programmers, and our questions are vetted via a rigorous process.

Robust Engineering Product built for Scale.

The platform has assessed over 100 million codes and can generate contest leaderboards for thousands of programmers on a real-time

Saves engineer's time and enables in making better hires

Engineering teams can't spend nearly as much time in the earliest parts of the recruiting cycle, and they are not meant to specialise in hiring. Unbiased and automated coding assessments help in fairly assessing programmers' skills purely based on their skills, with minimal efforts.

CodeChef's Integrated Development Environment which supports 55+ technologies

Automated real-time judgement of code-submissions at scale

Coding competitions' live leaderboard

Some of the use cases addressed
  • Remote/On-campus Hiring Drives
  • Employee Engagement Activities
  • L&D and Employee Upskillment

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